Do you store my invoices on your server?

No, we store only the bare minimum to allow us to process payments in SagePay.

Why should I trust your services?

HostedPay.net is a product run by 3Bit Solutions, a small software development company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

3Bit have been an authorised Xero development partner for the past six years. 3Bit is also a development partner for SagePay.

A client says they have paid but the payment hasn't appeared in Xero

We only create a payment in Xero if a payment has been successfully made in SagePay. If you are in doubt, please contact SagePay's technical support.

What does a successful payment look like in Xero?

When one of your customers has successfully paid, we sync the details of the payment back into Xero. It looks like the screenshot below (click to enlarge):

Xero is the world's easiest accounting system and now HostedPay.net allows you to use SagePay as a payment service for all your Xero invoices.

Get paid faster with SagePay.